LIN Technology

New System Mounted Pressure Transducer Featuring Local Interconnect (LIN) Network Technology!

P/N TEM 203827

New System Mounted Pressure Transducer Featuring Local Interconnect (LIN) Network Technology!


  • Increased ECU efficiency
  • Faster communication
  • Accurate and reliable supply of information
  • Elimination of interruption or disturbance from competing electronics
  • Faster identification of problems or failures
  • Reduction in the amount of wires in complex wiring harnesses

What is Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Technology?

In the beginning, standard practice in the auto industry was to have stand alone autonomous electronic systems. It was quickly discovered there was a need for a mechanism to enable systems to communicate with each other. This led to the introduction of networks such as serial communication channels (bus) that would coordinate the individual electrical systems and lead to improved functionality of the vehicle as a whole.

As vehicle design continues to progress, modern vehicles offer more electronically assisted or electronically controlled systems than ever before. These modern enhancements benefit manufacturers and end users alike, increasing safety, reliability, fuel economy, ride control, driver and passenger comfort and many other things drivers have come to rely on and expect. These upgrades to key areas of the vehicle go hand-in-hand with the addition of more and more smart sensors that deliver critical data to on-board computers.

LIN stands for Local Interconnect Network, a serial network protocol used for communication between components in vehicles. LIN eliminates all sensors operating autonomously within the vehicle and links them onto a network together, allowing the sensors to communicate quickly, reliably and securely with on-board computer controls such as the ECU. 

The P/N TEM 203827 LIN sensor replaces the OEM A/C system high side pressure sensor in many Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles (replacing OEM numbers 4H0 959 126 A, 5Q0 959 126 A and others) and brings a fresh approach to competitive technology in the marketplace. NAPA® Temp Products proudly boasts a replacement product that exceeds OEM design, quality and reliability. With automakers trending more and more toward these high-tech networking solutions, you can rest easy knowing you have a true technology partner by your side.