Heater Valve Replacement

Heater valves are one of the many components responsible for warming the interior compartment of a vehicle.  By allowing hot coolant from the engine to flow through the heater core, a properly working heater valve ensures maximum HVAC comfort and performance.

Before replacing a heater valve, inspect the following:

  • Pressure check the cooling system
  • Test heater valve performance
  • Fill radiator reservoir with coolant
  • Test HVAC performance

When to Replace a Heater Valve

Leaking Coolant

Evidence of a leaking heater valve results in loss of coolant and will eventually lead to an overheated engine, therefore should be replaced.

Heater Hoses

When replacing a heater valve, it is important to inspect or replace all heater hoses when necessary. Heater hoses will deteriorate over time.


If the heater valve shows evidence of corrosion, it is recommended to replace the unit and flush the system.