First Class Manufacturing

NAPA® Temp manufactures fan clutches in our production facility in Reynosa, Mexico. For each manufactured fan clutch, NAPA® Temp procures an O.E. sample clutch and matching fan for testing and development. After fully testing the O.E. unit, we design a true quality replacement in fit, form and function to meet or exceed O.E. specifications (O.E. supplier certification ISO:9001). NAPA® Temp uses the data gathered to make improvements in performance, often solving common O.E. issues and reducing failures.


  • Begin with a comparison to O.E. sample as the baseline for fit, form and function
  • Critical performance testing aspects include
    • Engagement temperature
    • Disengagement temperature
    • Fan speed
    • Engagement RPM
    • Disengagement RPM
    • Torque
  • Test data electronically captured
  • Lab test proposed improvements


These processes deliver a part that matches O.E. performance in every aspect.